My first week in County Hall.

Having been elected on the 11th of January, I want to start by thanking everyone who supported me in my bid to become County Councillor for Wyre Rural Central, whether by having a poster up, voting for me, campaigning, or all three. I was honoured to be elected and I will do my utmost to serve my constituents and the people of Lancashire.

After the thrill of election night I had a little time to recover from the campaign, before the emails and phone calls started to roll in from residents, with queries and issues to discuss. Then on Wednesday (the 17th) I had my official induction at County Hall, followed by my first Conservative Group meeting on Thursday, and on Friday my first session of the Internal Scrutiny Committee - which I am now a member of. I also managed to squeeze in discussions with residents about flooding in St Michaels, and attended a packed meeting on the Halite Gas Storage project held at the Knott End Golf Club, where residents grilled Halite representatives and outlined their concerns about the proposals, which I very much share. I have also been assessing potholes around the division, and measuring their depth, (see below), before reporting them for repair, where possible.

I have very much enjoyed my first week as a councillor, and look forward to what the next three years will bring.


Matthew Salter

County Councillor, Wyre Rural Central